Emmett Cathcart

Emmett Cathcart artworks in worldwide collections, private and public institutions. Recent exhibitions of notable standing include current large scale exhibition on permanent display in Government Health Service Executive St John’s Hospital unveiled by Director and senior politician (Nov 2022). Commissioned by Irish Government Office of Public Works OPW (May 2022) works held by Irish Government in permanent collection (July 2022) Exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (Oct 2022). Emmett paints plein air out in the Irish countryside, climbing mountains, not to capture the stunning landscape that unfolds beneath, but to be surrounded by nature and to escape from all, including himself, to create with a clear mind. Spending over a decade destroying his creations. Offering them back to nature, before being convinced by a member of the Royal Hibernian Academy RHA Dublin to stop burning his art. Nature decided that his works would instead be influenced by the feminine flow of water and the predictably unpredictable Irish weather.

Contact cathcart@dublinadvertising.com for exhibition enquiry’s. Sale and display of artwork strictly controlled.

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