Marta Romani Karl Logge The Wild Weave-a-torium

The Wild Weave-a-torium
Marta Romani and Karl Logge

Over and under, windershins and turnwise…
Traveling from Sardinia, Italy, the artists Marta Romani and Karl Logge bring to ‘Earth Rising’ their nomadic live-lab, micro-museum and participatory workshop.

From first time weavers to more experienced hands, audiences are invited to experience the meditative rhythm of timeless gestures. Between the warp and weft of Earth’s colours and nature’s fibers, fuso, spool and loom will become instruments to attune to nature, cycles and seasons, tracing infinite threads that spin and weave the vibrant fabric of our planetary home.

Come and visit The Wild Weave-a-torium in different states of play throughout the festival and on the following days and times you can be sure to try your hand at spinning, weaving and yarning together with the artists during their live, participatory labs.

Fri: 3:30-5pm & 6-7pm
Sat: 12-2pm & 4-6pm
Sun: 1:30-4:30pm

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